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Lash Membership

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Unlimited Lashes

Priority Booking

$25 monthly eGift Card for a service or a friend

Individual lashes will be applied on each of your qualified natural lashes by a Licensed Master Lash Stylist.


Please come in with CLEAN lashes. (Soap and water)

Please do not drink excessive caffeine

Have in mind any changes or styles you would like


Please relax with your eyes closed and your phone off


Keep your eyes DRY for 48 hours.

No sweating, Steaming...ect

After the 48 hours, dont be afraid to gently wash them. (lint/cotton materials will pull lash extensions off.)

Brush them from the tips only NO MASCARA NO OILS EVER around your eyes

No pulling, rubbing, picking your lashes

If you feel itchy or stabbing feeling- please come back in for a 5-10 minute session.

Sometimes your lashes can get stuck back together in the time for the glue to cure.


It is normal to lose 2-5 of your natural lashes daily. The speed of growth (via metabolism) and your personal care of lashes will vary how long they will they will last. The longer you wear them- the better you will get at retaining them.

Videos coming soon!

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