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Lash Extensions

High Quality Lash Extensions customized by a Licensed Master Stylist. We offer Full Sets, Removals, Monthly Fills, Bi-Weekly Fills, Weekly Fills & Unlimited Fills with our Lash Membership. Please check out our blog for the latest up to date before and after care.

Enhanced Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Non Surgical Facelift

If youre using Botox long term- You better be using Microcurrent.

If youre using Microcurrent long term- You wont need Botox. 


The difference in aging with and without Microcurrent is comparative to Joan Rivers vs Jennifer Anniston.

Microcurrent plumps up your muscles. The results last for 3 days. If you do this daily much like working out- your face will remain plump and youthful.

The misconception most people have is their skin wrinkling. Its actually the muscle underneath losing volume there fore the paper thin skin on top falls with the deflating muscle.

Botox paralyses the muscle restricting it from oxygen, nutrients, and exercise (youthfulness in a nutshell). This causes muscle atrophy (Death). When your muscle dies from long term paralysis – there is no bringing it back to life. 

When this happens typically Botox nor Microcurrent will no longer work and most people will turn to plastic surgery and fillers. (i.e. Joan Rivers) 

When the surgeon pulls back the skin of dead muscle it is grey, flat, and… well… Dead. The surgeons have no way of knowing what your results will be due to this condition. 

When you use Microcurrent with Botox it will plump your muscle preventing atrophy. Eventually you will no longer need Botox. 

When you start early and use Microcurrent without harsh chemicals injected into your face and body- its easier for your body to remain naturally youthful. (i.e. Jennifer Anniston)

Weight Loss

We offer Laser Lipo as a additive to most services to kill your fat cells and flush them through your lymphatic system to say goodbye to them forever. If youre looking to tighten your skin, lose fat, and detox- the Infra Red Sauna Body Wrap is highly recommended. This gets your body at a high temperature to yield results you can quickly see. Diet is also very important. If youre looking for the whole package we offer supplements from one of the purest companies. We can also refer you to a Highly Knowledgeable Licensed Personal Trainer in your area. Please check out our blog for tips, trick, before and after care.

Perfected Organic Spray Tan

Currently offering an Organic Spray Tan. This perfectly beachy bronzed look will make you blend right in with the natural tans on the beach. Enjoy a non sticky, rapid solution. You may shower within 3-8 hours. The longer you leave it on, the darker you will be. (You will never be orange with this solution.) Please check out our blog for tips, tricks and before and after care.

Makeup & Hair Styling

Airbrush, natural or crème makeup creates a magical experience when Licensed Stylists dedicate to your vision.

Perfect for you next event, photography, weddings & more.

Lessons & Mobile Applications are available upon request.

Stretch Mark & Scar Minimizer

Feel confident in your skin with Stretch Mark & Scar Removal. This works all over the body from acne scars, accidents, burn marks, surgery scars, stretch marks & more.

Multiple treatments will be needed. You will see results each time.


Side Effect: Skin Tightening & Firming