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Lash Tips & Tricks

Taklon Brushes are great to brush your lashes to keep them fluffy- Keep them CLEAN where you get ready. These are less harsh to brush than spoolies for longer lasting lashes.

How to make your lashes last longer

Bad reactions can happen when your lashes are stuck together or when theyre not properly cleansed.
Its imperative to let them dry for 48 hours.
If you feel any irritations in your eyes TEXT 682-556-8590 immediately for a FREE quick appointment to go through your lash line to correct any physical errors.

Please dont forget to WASH YOUR LASHES after 48 hours to prevent eye infections and for your lashes to last the longest.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Love you all!!

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I will be making my own videos soon to get to the point the quickest with the most updated information!