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Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions are applied individually by a Licensed Master Stylist customized to your preference.


Come in with NO OILS or MASCARA for 24 hours prior

Have your desired look in mind or consult with your stylist upon arrival.

Please do not consume a lot of caffeine or plan to use your phone. Prepare to relax and feel even more glamorous when you open your eyes.


Keep your lashes DRY for 48 hours to allow the glue to cure fully. (No sweating, steaming, soaking your lashes please.)

Do not rub, pick, pull, or sleep on your lashes to avoid premature fallout.

After the 48 hour period WASH them with an OIL FREE cleanser and BRUSH THE TIPS only so they dry fabulously fanned. (Video coming soon!)

Avoid mascara- You can clean your lashes after you apply your make up with a spoolie (mascara wand) for them to remain dark and glamorous.


The frequency of your fills depends on your lash growth speed and your personal care of them. (This is an average guess of what you might need.)

If you want to keep them FULL and LUSH- weekly fills are highly recommended.

If you want them to look a little sparse with maybe 1 or 2 gaps- I suggest a bi-weekly fill.

If you want to come in when you have multiple gaps and random long extensions left where it looks like you really need a fill- I suggest coming in monthly.

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