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Industry Regulatory Policies & Requirements

If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled unless you call and get your late arrival approved.

If you no call, no show or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of arrival you will be charged $40. We encourage you to call as 1 late/forgotten/emergency situation for your missed appointment’s fee will be waived.

You may not book again until the $40 late balance is paid in full.


Client Rewards

MEMBERS: You can enjoy UNLIMITED SERVICES when you sign up for a membership.

There are no start up or cancellation fees.

You will receive priority scheduling to make sure you are always taken care of. This will include scheduling outside of business hours.

You will also receive a $25 gift card each month to invite a friend for a service.


FUNDRAISING: You may create a unique discount code of 10% off. When any new client comes in and uses your code you will receive 10% of their ticket total in a credit or 5% of their ticket total CASH BACK.


SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS & BRAND AMBASSADORS: You will receive 40% off of all services. You may create a unique code for 10% off or create an exciting giveaway or discount for a 10% credit on all first time new clients of their ticket total or 5% CASH BACK.


CLIENTS: You can enjoy UNLIMITED SERVICES with a designated MEMBERSHIP.

When you invite 3 friends you will receive that same service for FREE.

Earn $5 per review on google, the website & facebook.

Earn $5 per check in AND tag on facebook and Instagram.

Earn $1 off when you like and follow each of our pages on Instagram, YouTube, Google and Facebook.

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