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Texas Beauty Rehab’s Vision & Goals

To create a one stop beauty shop that will bring people together to enjoy creativity, new friendships, new business relationships, emotional support, fun, & glamour.

Texas Beauty Rehab strives to achieve and deliver the pinnacle of Genuine Customer Service, Highest Quality Products, Intricite Specialized Techniques, Maximized Customization in Treatments, Positive Emotional Support, and Good Vibes.

I am currently working on a HUGE project that I believe will heal and change the world. I will write more about it as it comes to fruition. I am in need of further resources in video, film, photography, writing, financial donations, PR, emotional professionals and a business strategist.


About the Owner

Brittany Long is an Air Force Veteran, Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Laser Technician, Licensed & Certified Nurses Assistant, Certified Master Lash Extension Stylist, Certified Makeup Artist, Certified Global Dermal Expert, Licensed Business Owner, Entrepreneur, who was born a Philanthropist at heart.

I sincerely have an ever growing passion for helping people. In this journey I have learned many mistakes and rewards on different ways that have the biggest impact to truly help others. (Not to enable or personally become enslaved.)

I currently am working to write a book about the hardships & achievements that have molded me into this unique powerhouse of good intentions. Ive been encouraged to share my story since 2009 upon my Honorable Medical Discharge from the Air Force. Some how, my story keeps getting sweeter and more beneficial to others who share a frequency in my soul.

As Ive been pondering and outlining the antics of my life; I couldn’t help but realize how much we are all really the same. Though we have vastly different journeys, beliefs, education, bodies, experiences and financial reaches which uniquely make us perfect to help each other. Ive come to the understanding we all have foundational similarities. I believe life is made to come together and help. You cant hate a person when you know their story. And when we aspire to learn the greatest parts of people and life- we expose, build and create the greatest part of ourselves and bring it out in the ones around us.

I want to do my very best at everything I do. One of which is growing my industry. The other is helping people see beauty from the inside out. Not just in others, but in ourselves first. When we learn the art of not judging ourselves, we then stop fearing the judgement of others as much.

We can all then enjoy together the limitless world of living without fear. I want everybody to enjoy the beauty of our bodies secondary to the beauty in our souls. I want people to come in and look as beautiful as they feel. However not to need every single service to be able to go outside without a panic attack or anxiety. Feel beautiful in the body that represents your soul but don’t get lost in thinking your that the beauty of your soul is capped by the beauty of your body. You, and all of us, are worth so much more than we could ever imagine about ourselves.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid of anything?

How abundant would your life feel if you, and everybody around you let go of judgements about ourselves and everyone else?

My main goal is to help people feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin; but to truly love our souls and let our worth come from the inside out. I would love to break down walls, barriers, judgements and see people truly come together with no other motive than to share a good time.